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Complete Production Line

Complete Production Line


 Complete project

  • 1000-5000 tons Per year Capacity pellet
  • 0.5-10 tons Per hour capacity High-grade aqua feed peed project.
  • 1-10 Tons Per hour grass and straw project.
  • 0.5-5 Tons Per hour marigold project.
  • 1-10 Tons Per hour Fertilizer project.
  • 1-200 Tons Per hour pourtry feed project.

We have been committed Research and manufacturing about Turn- Key project.We have already installed many projects in many cities and countries .we’ll service for them forever.

  1. High-grage poultry Feed project
  2. 10-80t/h pig feed project
  3. 10-20t/h scukling pig feed project
  4. 10-200t/h chicken feed project
  5. 10-80t/h duck and goose feed project
  6. 10-60t/h rabbit feed project

Ⅱ. High-grage Aqua Feed project

  1. 2-15t/h Shrimp Feed project
  2. 2-15t/h Crab Feed project
  3. 2-15t/h turtle Feed project

Ⅲ. High-grage Extruder Feed project

  1. 2-10t/h fish feed project
  2. 2-10t/h Ornamental fish feed project
  3. 2-10t/h pet feed project



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