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Copper cable granulator production line

Copper cable granulator production line

This series of equipment is a complete line of equipment for recycling scrap wire and cable. It is mainly used for recycling automobile cables, communication cables and other cables that cannot be handled by manual and single machines. The diameter of a single conductor for a suitable cable is preferably within 20 mm.

The main components of this series are raw material feeding conveyor, primary crusher, belt conveyor, secondary crusher, bag dust collector, filter dust collection, air flow sorting machine, vibration screening machine, electric control cabinet and so on.



1.Wide application: different kind and different size cables can be processed

2.High productivity: several machines works concurrently.Large capacity

3.Easy to operate: host cabinet controlling, automated operation, low labor costs

4.High purity of discharge: two-stage crushing, multi-stage separation.


Working principle


The material is put into the first-stage crusher through the feeding conveyor for primary pulverization, and the disordered waste cable is roughly cut into smaller sizes.The second belt conveyor is fed into the secondary crusher (pulverizer), and the material is crushed into a certain size in the second crusher (final discharge size).Mixed plastic skin chips and copper rice enter the airflow sorting system via high pressure blower or conveyor belt.Clean copper and plastic skin fragments are sent from different discharge ports by air flow and vibrating screen vibration. The equipment is equipped with a small vibrating screen to separate the material twice to achieve a purity of not less than 99%.




Model Recycling capacity applicable wire diameter Total power Voltage Dimension Weight
JLF-800 600-650kg/h 0.3-40mm 73.26KW Customized 9.2×4.1×2.4m 8000kg
JLF-1200 1000-1200kg/h 129.36KW 16×10×3m 12000kg



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