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Copper cable granulator

Copper cable granulator

This series copper cable granulator is used for recycling car cables, communication cables and other waste cables.Applicable processed cable diameter should be 0.3-20mm,and the best diameter(size) of single strand should 0.2-0.3mm. This machine is operated with dry method crushing and separating system, which increase recovery rate without pollution.





  1. The machine is designed with integral structure of crushing and separating. It takes

2.Operating structure is enclosed,which is used for decreasing dust pollution.

3.This machine is easy to operating. After raw material input,all the processing could be finished by single machine. This design could help to save labor cost.

4.Output material has high purity and recovery rate.


Working principle


Waste copper wire is put into the granulator, and then they are crushed by the shredding system. Crushed material is conveyed to separating system by high pressure fan or belt conveyor. Ate the same time, dust is collected through airflow. Mixed copper granules and plastic granules will be separated by air and shaking sieve.Finally separated copper and plastic will go out of the machine through different exit. There will be two small vibrating separator put at end of the material outlet, and output copper and plastic will be separated again to get higher purity.




Model Recycling capacity Processed wire dia Total power Voltage Dimension Weight
JLF-400-1 80-100kg/h 0.3-20mm 11.92KW As required 1.5*1.5*1.9m 750kg
JLF-400 200-250kg/h 23.12KW 2.7*1.9*2.3m 1200kg
JL-600 300-320kg/h 52.36KW 3.3*1.95*2.4m 3400kg



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